Michael Barton

"Great work ethic, talent, would highly recommend" "followed my instructions perfectly...highly recommend..." "...a true asset to Elance. A++++" "Highly recommended" "great job" "fast and excellent job" "Great presentation...superb analysis reflected expert knowledge"

Why does MBWS Limited use Elance?

Most of our contracts are delivered via the Elance platform (www.elance.com).

There are many benefits of using Elance, for both contractor and client:

  • Elance acts as a third party between client and contractor.
  • The platform allows direct contact between client and contractor.
  • The platform keeps a full record of files and messages passed between client and contractor.
  • Elance has a state of the art invoicing and billing system that offers both parties financial protection.
  • Ease of transfer of funds from Elance to business account and visa versa.

In addition from a business perspective, putting the MBWS Limited business on Elance offers a large pool of projects and prospective clients unobtainable elsewhere. For clients, the Elance platform offers an even larger pool of prospective contractors (around 125,000 writers and 7500 writing services businesses).

For all these reasons we recommend our clients use Elance to invite MBWS limited for their writing requirements. Some clients find it strange that we recommend a third party provider that pits our company against so many competitors. We see it as a sign of our confidence in the ability of our writers, and the professionalism of our services, that we are happy to be considered beside our competitors. After all, it is the competence and care with which we treat our clients and their projects that has propelled us into the top 1% of writing services companies on Elance.

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